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Poetry by Karin Ward


I walked along the beach today
and picked a shell along the way
I thought of you and said, this way
is how it's going to be, today
A shell is small, a gift so small
But what of smallness, after all
Thrown from the ocean with the tide
And now with others, it resides
Upon the shelf, so pure and white
Like love, so pure, my smile is bright
This tiny shell is in my hand
That once lay lonely in the sand

Magical Kingdom

On fluttered wings they fly
Piercing the sky
Silver beams fall down
Hazy night, whispered sound
Across the moon
Glittering shadows
The girl stares
They beckon, she follows

Moonbeams create her light
as the darkness penetrates
Wonder so bright
in this curious night
Rabbits and owls audience
the passing of this sight

Till soft green everglades
open up between the trees
The girl sinks to her knees
dazzled in the display
of the fairies at play
as their music chimes..

'Welcome, to our magical kingdom'


Shifting shifting sand
Cool to the touch
Barely trodden by a foot
Grains in your hand
Falling down
Like an hourglass

Rocks erased by time
Carving shapes, stone statues
A beckoning welcome
For the boats on the ocean
As they sweep up the coast
Not getting too close

Standing in the red gorge
The speck of a person
Awed by the millions of years
of stone rising around you
Feeling humbled in its presence
As a dragonfly wings by

Loose slates under feet
As you gaze into the horizon
See how the future is shaped
Eroded, worn, patterned
Like a rock into sand


She looks at you with wide eyes
and tells you in a chirpy tone
"I love recess, I love reading,
but I HATE dot-to-dot"
And you chuckle and look at her
as you are walking to her class These days soon pass

But for now you seize the moment
Ten minutes of walking hand in hand
She spies a little flower and cries "oh"
Sudden shower by a water sprinkler
She giggles and moves aside
so that her mum gets the full blast
These days soon pass

Innocence of childhood sweet
Happy days of running feet
These days soon pass


As I sit and peer out of my window
The birds arrive in droves
Chirping, then spotting the pieces
of bread that I left
Watching the pecking order of the doves
The honeyeaters chirp and madly career
through the vanilla scented flowers of the tree
The sparrows congregate, their babies
shouting *feed me!*

Evening sun warms the air
Birds on the hunt as the drone
of the insects flood the garden
And I remember the time of a sweet moan
as you kissed me on the grass
My thoughts wander fleetingly.....
Until a chirp brings me back to the present
Just the empty chair beside me
...Waiting to be filled once more
By the one who is cherished and adored

Stillness descends upon my garden
A little corner of my world
Where the butterfly circles the lemon tree
Its' floating motions endlessly
Scent of the jasmin pervades the air Thoughts of you caressing my hair
This garden waits for you to be
Part of it and part of me

Sudden Rescue

Dazed and wounded is the knight
as the knife pierces his chest
The wizard appears, in a glow
His long beard flows endless
His kind face appears blessed
The knight looks up, in awe
His attacker, long gone, fled
from the scene of bloodshed

A white horse calmly grazes
Unfazed by the actions of those
that dare to provoke hostility
'Fear not', the wizard speaks
as he silently moves forward
Grasping the knife, he twists
and pulls, the knight resists

As pain sears through the heart
And blood scatters on the grass
The wizard speaks a language
A language no man can understand
His hands are like sheets of glass
that rest on the stricken knight
Hands like smooth fine raw silk
Age has no place with the magic

A rapid glow spreads like fire
through the veins of the knight
The startled horse takes flight
as this glow appears so bright
The wizard stands, his work done
The knight gazes, cannot speak
Words fail as his healer departs
Resting now, the peace he sought
But ever on guard for onslaught

Busy Lives

Busy little ants that are running to and fro
Over little pebbles and as fast as they can go
Finding little crumbs to eat and dragging at the bread
Running madly to the nest so others can be fed

Busy little bees that are making all the honey
Buzzing all round the flowers, when it's bright and sunny
Gathering up the pollen, and flying into space
Zooming down towards the hive but landing on your face!

Busy little insects, those mosquitos flying round
They do a dance in evening sun and barely make a sound
But just as they come closer, and land upon your ear
They sting and leave a little mark and you exclaim 'oh dear'!

Busy little spiders that are crawling everywhere
Making little webs and catching insects here and there
Walking in the garden and caught up in all the strands
Isn't it just so much fun to be in insect land

© 2001

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