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Poetry by Heather S.


I love....
The days that go on and on,
And the nights that take forever,
And the take my breath away days,

I love....
When the common days lasts forever,
And when special days stay,
And when peace comes and goes,
And when freedom rings,
And when love lasts forever.

It's the End

My story started and ended early,
And love traveled through my veins
Before my death;
Gods and angels blessed that love
And my death
But I know I will travel death,
With warm sweet and sad feelings
I tried to remember the good and sweet memories of today
Tomorrow will be better
And Death will take a bitter step.


If You Only Knew

If you only knew the chaos that filled my heart
Would you have let me suffer?
Without you to talk to
Without you to share my feelings
I felt like an abandoned child left in the bitter rain.
When we were together
I was fortunate and blissful to have your love.
I could share anything with you.
You understood me then and knew how I felt.
Why don't you now?
We're ...........drifting.......... apart
I wish you were here too so
You could pour your love in my bare heart and
So I could feel your affectionate embrace again.
It seems so long ago that we were once…
Laughing… and talking… and sharing dreams…
Without a care in the world…
My heart cannot comprehend how two people can be so devoted to one another,
But then so suddenly
Like the ebbing tide.
Can my mind ever tell my heart that you're gone?

Poetry by Sylvia M. Everett

The Dance

The stars begin to speckle the serene sky, as they drive down the remote road.
The pearl-white moon smiles as they park in a lifeless lot.
They step out of the car and he takes her delicate hand in his own.
The wind whispers and bounces the boughs in the trees around them.
He says sensitively, "Let's dance," and pulls her close to him.
They start to dance as the band of crickets hum their harmonious melody.
She softly supports her head on his cheerful chest.
"Bah bam. Bah bam," beats his constant heart.
She begins to lead the dance to the rhythmical beat…"Bah bam. Bah bam."
He follows the beat and they dance peacefully as one.
Two hearts did find one beat that numinous night.



The sounds of the keys being struck rang through the still stale air: ERROR SITE DOES NOT EXIST. ERROR SITE DOES NOT EXIST. Parker Jerald Simmons (everyone but his family called him PJ) needed dinero. Fast. The pain worse then eating the hot wasabi sauce they put out at the Chinese restaurant. Ever since someone stole his jet black mountain bike he was forced to ride his sister's pink bike. A bike that was accessorized with Barbie stickers. From front to back. PJ asked his Mom a million times for a new bike, and repeatedly she lectured, "I told you honey, lock that bike up, and did you listen to your mother? No! You got yourself into it. Now you have to earn the money to get yourself out of it." Riding down the streets of the town was embarrassing enough, but having to ride his sister's bike to middle school was almost as bad as a sloppy kiss from your grandmother. PJ replaced the kid at school who wore nothing but Pokemon as the butt of everyone's jokes. As he sat in the chair in front of his computer, PJ pondered how he would come up with the $300 needed to buy a new bike.

PJ lived in a small suburb in New York, just north of the city. While PJ was sheltered from the urine-soaked sidewalks, pigeon-infested parking lots and pushy New York City attitude, he was not totally immune from the corruption of the big city. Every day on his way to school, PJ passed the Mattress King that lay six blocks from his house. The King was owned by the Mofanzo family, well, more like the Mofanzo Mafia. The mattress king was not owned by loveable Barry and Elliot from Jordan Furniture who wanted everyone to have a good night's sleep. They were hardcore mobsters who wanted money and a well organized racketeering. On PJ's many rides past the Mattress King he would observe "unique" characters. There was the guy who wore thousand dollar Armani silk shirts, slicked back balding hair, and could always be seen through the window being fed Chef Boyardee Ravioli by beautiful women. Also the old women with a big wrinkly face who would show passer-bys her favorite finger and swear at the child "hooligans" who passed by. Parker enjoyed his rides by the Mattress King because of all the zany characters he saw. However, he had no idea what was going on inside.

PJ broke his hypnotic stare of the screen. All of a sudden it came to him. Finally, having an older sister paid off. PJ remembered how when Sandy needed money for a car she took up babysitting the neighborhood kids. In just six months she made $2,000, enough money for a 1993 used magenta Dodge Shadow with a New Hampshire license plate. The wheel didn't move back, so it always squished in her stomach, it still got her on her way. "Sweet. This means in two months I will have enough money to buy the bike of my dreams and a can of silly string to shoot on my sisters car," PJ said aloud to himself. It was time for action. Now that PJ had an idea, all he needed was to get his name out there into the babysitting needy public. PJ opened up the word processor and started to make a flyer that would advertise his business and make him rich, filthy rich.


In a small room with a stack of mattresses, two middle aged-men were sitting and talking. "Hey Philipo, tonight is-a the big-a night!" the short fat man voiced in a strong Italian accent. "Your little Jesse, she's-a getting married!" There was a larger man that was on the seat adjacent to the fat man, sitting quietly. "I can't-a wait for the big wedding, oh and the big party tonight." Philipo sat on the stool and pondered how small Gorgy's brain must be to not figure out what was really going on. What he was going to do? Little Jesse was not the innocent girl he had once known. She was cheating on Rigatoni, her groom to be. This wedding was the most important thing that ever happened to the Mofanzo family. The marriage would unite the Mofanzo and Linguini families into one big, powerful organization. Philipo knew that one slip-up and the marriage could end up in a full-scale Mafia war; kung fu fights with the use of brass knuckles.

"Hey Gorgy, please take-a care of Parker Luchesi, that 'friend' of Jesse's," Philipo uttered.

"Gotcha boss," said Gorgy. Parker Luchesi was now on top of the Mofanzo Mafia's hit list.


As Parker Luchesi walked out of the New York City pizzeria, he was worried. He was in love with a soon to be married woman, and it just wasn't fair. He had to do something. That's when it dawned on him. He knew what to do. Luchesi was so busy with internal struggle he did not think to look both ways when crossing the street and fell into an uncovered manhole. Before Parker could utter a sound, he hit bottom and the lights went out. Up above him, a not so competent construction worker wanting a Krispee Kreme doughnut didn't think to look down the manhole. Unaware that someone had fallen through the open manhole, he put the cover back on it.


As the low hum of the printer came to an end PJ grabbed his finished flyer and admired it.

PJ glanced at the clock. It read six o'clock. The sun was setting on the horizon, and PJ wanted to get his flyers out so people would see them on their Saturday morning jogs. He grabbed 100 copies of the flyer, got his coat and jumped on his sister's neon pink bike. He decided to start at the school and work his way back to his house. That's when destiny struck. As he passed the Mattress King, PJ saw more black phatty Caddies than he had ever seen in his whole life in one place. The parking lot of the Mattress King was filled with at least 100 cars . "Must be having one hell of a sale," PJ thought to himself. The idea struck PJ like a Mike Tyson punch to the face. He would put the flyers on each of the cars. Then he could just go back to the house and get new flyers to put around the town. "This will give me so much exposure," PJ thought to himself as he started slipping the flyers under the windshield wiper of each car.

The large room in the Mattress King was decorated . There were at least 200 fat men all wearing the same suit, sitting with their part time wives in their seats. Not a soul would move until the wedding ceremony was finished. Philipo was hyperventilating: he needed fresh air. And a cigarette. Philipo slipped out of the building for a smoke and saw a very peculiar sight On the windshield of each car parked in the Mattress King's lot was a white piece of paper. He walked over to the nearest car and read what was on it. Philipo's face turned to Jello as he finished reading, and then he rushed back into the Mattress king and grabbed three men in suits standing in the back. Gorgy looked over and saw a distressed face. "What's-a wrong, boss?" one of the men asked.
"I told you not eat the Brussels sprout lasagna, it always gives you the gas!" Gorgy said in a stern voice.

Philipo smacked Gorgy on the back of the head. "That's not it, you idiot. We're being blackmailed, Gorgy, by Parker Luchesi," Philipo whispered. " I thought I told you to take care of him."

"I know boss, I was going to tell you earlier, but I didn't -a want to give you a heart attack. The doctor said you don't-a need no stress. Parker Luchesi has disappeared." The men then went outside and gathered up all the notices before the guests could see them. Parker Luchesi was not going to get away with it. As the men worked they talked about how they would dispose of Luchesi. "I say you sit-a on his face and smother him," Gorgy sputtered.

"I think we should cut him up and serve him up in a barbeque like they do in Fried Green Tomatoes," one of the men said. All at once Gorgy, Philipo and the other henchmen stared at the buff brute, and then got back to work.
"All I know," stated Philipo, "It ain't goin' to be pretty"

Luchesi got to his feet and was welcomed by the overwhelming smell of rotten eggs and dirty kitty litter. His eyes started to adjust to the darkness around him. Luchesi feared he had finally gone to hell. Then he realized he was in a place worse than hell: the New York sewer system. Luchesi could hear the cars up above zooming by, but he did not see a ladder going up to the surface. HELP! He screamed, but to no use. That's when Luchesi felt the ground tremor and heard the sounds of a raging train. He then figured out exactly where he was and knew where he needed to go to get out of the sewer system. Luchesi brushed himself off and went down the underground tunnel, following the sounds of the train, getting closer and closer towards the subway line that would lead to Grand Central Station. He hoped.


"Why me, why me?" sniffled Jesse Mofanzo through hysterical fits of crying. Jesse still had not taken off her wedding dress. She was too upset. Jesse had done the unthinkable. She was in love with someone other than her new husband, and she could put on the act of wanting to stay with Rigatoni for only so long. As Jesse's mascara ran down her face, she decided to tell her new husband, Rigatoni Linguini, and her father, Philipo, the truth about where her love lay. It was time that she put things straight. Once she could get things together she would do it. Tell everyone the truth.

The sounds of gunshots rang through the air. Blood was going everywhere! It was a total slaughter. "Parker!" a shrill voice called. "Parker Simmons, get down here right NOW!" the voice yelled again. PJ closed the Doom game he had been so engaged in, and made his way down the stairs to the kitchen where his Mom was standing. "Now, Parker, tonight is the big meeting for your mother, so don't try to contact me on my cell phone tonight. If you would like you may sleep over at your friend's house. Ok honey?" said PJ's Mom. With a quick nod, PJ turned and scampered back to his second story room to continue the massacre in his game of Doom. PJ looked out the window as he saw his Mom's BMW pull out, and about thirty seconds later a black Cadillac pull in. First he thought that the car was just turning around, but when two Arnold Schwarzenneger type men got out of the black car, PJ got frightened, these were no pizza delivery boys. These men were huge, at least six feet five inches tall, and wore black suits. The first thing PJ noticed was a look of rage in their eyes. They were bloodthirsty. The men came to the door and rang the doorbell. Thoughts raced through PJ's mind as his heart pumped like the valves of a racecar. Should I hide? Should I run? What if they break into the house and take me hostage? What if they're just girl scouts and just wanted to sell delicious cookies? PJ decided that he couldn't take that chance, and he ran down the stairs and went into the garage. The doorbell rang again as PJ's breath started to get heavy and he grabbed the pink bike that was lying against the wall. He would sneak out the side door that was attached to the back of the garage and make a run for it. PJ took a deep breath, strapped on his helmet and started to slowly slide open the door.


Luchesi was lost and disoriented. He had thought he knew where he was but he had been wandering through the tunnels for hours and he was tired, frustrated and dizzy. Every time Luchesi thought he had found the subway tracks that would lead to Grand Central Station, there was a turn that led him in the wrong direction. Parker Luchesi was ready to give up. There was no chance that he was going to get out of these tunnels. He would die in the sewer systems of New York City. "Well at least hell can't get any worse than this," thought Luchesi. Luchesi decided he would round the last corner and then give up. As Luchesi rounded the corner he abruptly fell about three feet into a ditch. Luchesi got up and realized he had reached his destination, the subway line.


"Boss, this is the house that the number written on the sheet belongs to. So what-a do we say when he opens the door?" said Gorgy in a tense voice.

"Who cares? Will it matter to him when he's dead?" said Philipo as he rang the doorbell again.

"Can I say HASTA LA VISTA BABY"? quipped Gorgy, "I've always wanted to say that."

"Enough, Gorgy. Nobody must be home, let's break down the door…" Philipo started to mouth as a glimmer of light caught the corner of his eye. "Look!" he then yelled as he pointed to someone riding away on a neon pink bike.

"Isn't that-a little small to be Luchesi? And why is he riding a pink bike?" said Gorgy.

"He's running, he's got something to hide, and look at that horrid color of that bike. Let's get him," said Philipo in a stern voice. Gorgy and Philipo scurried into the black car, started the engine and drove off. Second by second the car started to gain on the guy on the pink bike.


"How ironic," PJ thought to himself as he felt the air flying through his hair, his legs pumping harder and harder. The one thing that had brought teasing and embarrassment, now was taking him away from some huge goons trying to get at him. Thoughts were rushing through his head as PJ sped down the road that led to the Mattress King. Why are these guys chasing me? Should I stop and confront them? These questions were all forgotten when PJ saw that the black car had caught up and was now parallel to him. He looked over as the window rolled down, and a man's face popped out. PJ gasped, and suddenly his hands slipped from the handle bars, and he lost control.


"Gorgy, watch out!" yelled Philipo from the passenger seat, but it was too late. The bike swerved into the car, and the kid on the bike slammed against the car and bounced off the hood and flew onto the sidewalk. "Stop the car," said Philipo. Philipo and Gorgy jumped out and looked at the fallen person. He wasn't bleeding and appeared unharmed but was not moving.
"It's just-a kid," said Gorgy as he walked towards PJ. There was a groan as PJ started opening his eyes. He got up. "Hey kid," Gorgy said. PJ turned around, saw Gorgy, groaned again, and fainted. "What should we do with him?" asked Gorgy.
"Bring him back to the King, he's goin' to have to answer some of our questions," said Philipo. "I'm betting he knows where our friend Luchesi is." Gorgy picked up PJ's limp body and put him into the black Cadillac.


PJ slowly opened his eyes and found himself in a room filled with mattresses. As he looked around, his eyes were greeted by the stares of the two large Italian men whom PJ had seen at his house before. "Where is he?" yelled Philipo. "Where's Parker?"
"Parker? What is this guy talking about? I'M PARKER. But this makes no sense," thought PJ. "I don't know what you're talking about," said PJ in a low voice.

"Don't play games with us, kid, WHERE IS LUCHESI?" yelled Philipo as he stroked the gun he took out of his pocket to scare the kid who lay before him. PJ started to panic. He didn't know a Luchesi; this guy was petting a gun; and there was no way out of the room, unless he could get past the two guys. PJ thought he was going to cry when a foul smell filled the room.

"I could hear your screams from outside the building, Philipo. You want me, here I am!" yelled Luchesi as he walked into the room. Philipo and Gorgy turned around, pulled out their guns and pointed them at Luchesi. PJ slowly moved behind a mattress. Quickly Luchesi pulled out a gun and pointed it at Philipo. "I love your daughter, and I can't deny it any longer," yelled Luchesi. Just as Luchesi finished his sentence, Rigatoni Linguini walked into the room with an enraged look on his face. He took a gun out of his pocket, and pointed it at Philipo. Gorgy turned his gun towards Rigatoni.

"I just had a little talk with your daughter Jessie. She wants-a divorce. Says it ain't true-a love!" snarled Rigatoni. "It hasn't even been 24 hours since we've been-a married," yelled Rigatoni in outrage.

"If you want-a know why, it's thanks to this Luchesi over here who has won the heart of your wife," bellowed Gorgy. Rigatoni looked at Luchesi as he turned his gun on him.

"So you are the one who caused this!" yelled Rigatoni as he put his finger on the trigger. Sweat was slowly beading up and dripping down everyone's forehead when another person entered the room. This time, instead of more yelling, everyone dropped their guns to their sides as Jesse Mofanzo, still in her wedding dress, mascara that had run down her cheeks pasted to her face, entered the room. She looked up and started talking.

"I have heard all of it, Papa, Luchesi and Rigatoni. I have something to say before you all blow your brains out. Today I was on my way to tell my father I did not love Rigatoni when I looked out the window and down the street and saw my papa's car hit a young boy on a bike. I was so scared. I prayed to god, and said that if he saved this young boy's life, I would devote my life to God. When I saw the boy get up and he was unharmed, I had to fulfill my promise to God. So Rigatoni, I'm sorry, but we are going to have to get an annulment. Luchesi, I'm sorry but I do not love you. Papa, I hope you will forgive me, but this is the way it will have to be. I am becoming a nun." The room dropped into silence and Jesse slowly exited the room.

The intensity in the room was gone. The shock took everyone's killer instinct away. "Well I need a shower," said Luchesi as he slowly walked out of the room, heart broken. Rigatoni, shaking his head, followed out the door, his heart also broken. Philipo went and sat on a stool in the room, and lowered his head. Philipo looked around and saw PJ whose head was still swirling from the events that had just transpired.

"YOU!" yelled Philipo suddenly pointing at PJ. "You are the one that hid Luchesi and made my daughter become a nun. Rigatoni's father had a lot on the line for that marriage to take place. If something doesn't make him overlook this mistake, he is-a going to kill me, LITERALLY! I don't have no conscience, so you better have some solution or pray for another miracle, or you are in big trouble. Gorgy, get my brass knuckles." PJ quivered; he was going to die. He was going to get beaten to death by some guy he didn't know, in the Mattress King, of all places. Then he realized something and started talking as Philipo started getting ready to slaughter him.

"Well…your parking lot in front holds a lot of cars. Maybe you could let your friends use it as a parking garage. Cause there isn't a lot of parking in New York" Philipo thought for a few minutes. Then the expression on his face changed into a smirk.
"Wait a second," Philipo muttered, "Hey, Gorgy, don't the Linguinis run a 'car restoration' business?"
"Yes, boss, they do," answered Gorgy.

"That's it," yelled Philipo who then turned to PJ and give him a kiss on the forehead. "You solved my problem, kid," said Philipo, "and for that we will not harm you, and we will replace that bike we hit with any bike of you want. Kid, I think your problems and our problems are over."


"Parker Simmons, get off the computer and get down here right now, Mommy needs you to use that new bike of yours and go pick up some groceries for her." PJ's mom boomed.

"But Mom, you always do that," pleaded PJ.

"Well now, that mommy is waiting for insurance to cover her stolen car, and your sister's car is missing, you have no choice. So get going." PJ got onto his jet-black mountain bike and started making his way towards the supermarket. Since the whole incident at the Mattress King, PJ tried to steer clear of the place but he was tired and did not want to detour. As he got closer, he started to speed up. Then he saw that the parking lot was filled with cars, all different cars. Mostly BMWs, Lexus and other luxury cars. He couldn't help but look, and through the window he could see Gorgy in a jumpsuit taking apart a car and splattered with oil. As PJ sped by he thought he caught a BMW next to a magenta dodge Shadow, but then shook it off as an apparition and quickly rode by.

My Angel
By Kaitie

The evening sky was ablaze with hues of violet swirled through the crimson sun. It glowed and radiated as long as I could remember. As long as my heart had clung for life. I never saw another sunset again. I never even saw another sun. For my time on earth was abruptly shortened. Yet maybe that's the way it had to be.

My name was Victoria, but everyone called me Tori. My life ended at fourteen years of age. I never got to live life to its fullest, I barely lived it to its least. Yet maybe there was nothing left for me on earth. My heart was shattered that sunny, cheerful April day, the start of the end. The doctor told me I had six months to live. It sounded to me like a plot of some drama movie, but it was true, it was my life.

My parents wept over this thought; I didn't. This is the way it was meant to be, the plan of my life. I never told my friends, for I didn't have the nerve. My parents kept to themselves about the subject, and I guess I was glad. My friends always asked why I never felt quite right and always seemed to have a doctor's appointment. I simply changed the topic.

My parents decided to bring me on a short vacation. A week at the lake, at our cabin. I was glad to get away from the questions. Yet I knew this week could be my last, my last impression on the world. The glow of the sunsets there was my fondest memory, and I knew it could be my last.

One night after my parents had gone to bed, I left. I went to the beach, to watch the sunset. There, at the sand's edge, I remember. I sat at the water's edge and let the cold liquid splash up my legs. Sand covered my arms and legs. Its rough texture gave my a sense of warmth. I lay back on the sand and watched the golden rays of the sun blend into the still darkening backdrop of night. I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.

When I awoke, I saw him next to me. His name was Blake. I didn't know where he came from or why he was here. He watched the stars with me. It seemed as if I knew him or had seen him before somewhere, sometime. He was so sweet, and kind. He showed me the way down the beach, for with my illness my eye sight had weakened. I never told him of my disease, yet I think he knew.

His blonde hair ruffled in the gentle midnight breeze. He sat next to me and listened to the surrounding noises of the waves hitting the shoreline. I knew my time was closing. A tear dripped from my green eyes with that thought. He kissed me on the cheek. His kiss sent a warmth through out my frozen soul.

As the warmth he had given me receded, I died a silent, and painless death. Now as I look down upon the world, I don't see Blake. He sits next to me up here, for he was an angel coming to get me. To show me the way home, to carry me here.

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