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Poetry by Jessie Rankin


Vacant stares of lives unlived
Follow me to bed,
They haunt my dreams,
They drain my blood
Hark, here come the undead.

Fangs take blood from unwary hosts,
Dark powers let them take flight,
Evil and beauty contradict.
They are the children of the night.

One thought, one little caress
Suddenly I'm under his spell
Strong and lithe, with eyes like coals
I'm too weak to cry for help

I'm caught in the trap of my feelings
Take no notice of fury or hate
Lost in the dream world forevermore
My savior, you came far too late.

Look at me now, I'm wasting away
In this prison of porcelain skin
I'm doomed to be his for eternity
I wish I could die again.

—Jessie Rankin
Copyright 2003

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