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Poetry by Jacy Estep

My Heart is Calling

You love me and that love will be forever
I can see your heart from way over here
Hear it call to me
I wish you were here to love me
But I must wait for you from afar
Someday we will meet again
But until then hear my heart call out to you with wanting
Hear my soul cry to you from the waiting
I miss the times we shared
But most of all I miss how much you cared
You always were there for me no matter where I was
I am so sorry I made you wait for me while I figured out who I am
But now that I know that I was meant for you
I will never need to figure it out again.


Ripped and torn I search for love on your face with my wet eyes,
I need help and love and someone to ease the pain.
Shattered and cracked I look at the sky on a sunny day,
I wish someone would stop the rain.
Broken and lost I look at the floor,
I wish this day would end,
In tiny pieces I look at you,
I know I need a friend.

Copyright © 2003 by Jacy Estep

The You Today

You are out of touch,
I miss the you that used to comfort,
By being happy when I'm blue,
You were sweet to show,
Now that I know,
The old you was better,
The you that used to laugh,
The you that smiled and took a bow,
Even when she fell,
I wish you the best,
So if this is the best for you,
I won't stand in the way,
All I want is my friend,
The friend I knew before today,
The friend I wish was here,
Don't let me stop you from being you,
I'm just sure you aren't the you,
The you you want to be,
This is you today,
And if it's best for you,
I shan't stand in the way,
Just be sure before leave,
That this is the you you mean to be.



My brother is a brilliant soul,
Valiant and true,
He is a person, who beyond all else is real,
He is not perfect which makes him all the more special,
He keeps a watching eye,
He knows what's good for me, probably better than I do,
He loves me for just being me,
His cares aren't going to be spent uselessly,
For I try to listen to his odd wisdom,
A collection of his years of life,
A major part of him is that he is mine,
He is my brother,
My keeper,
My friend,
He is the one who makes me cry,
Only to make me smile later,
All his goods overpower his lesser traits,
His smiles are plentiful,
Each approving nod of his head,
Brings me great satisfaction,
We have had days where we laugh and smile,
Days where we are torn and angry,
All of our experiences bring us together in a bond that's everlasting,
I know with all my heart,
My brother cherishes me as I cherish him,
We are different, that is true,
But our differences are petty,
We have the same power of communication,
The same loving laughter,
I can't say I have been the easiest of sisters,
Or he the simplest of brothers,
He is the gravity that keeps me to this earth,
When problems pile on,
My brother may not have always made the right choices,
But these moments are forgotten,
Wrong choices have taught him many things,
Including what to pass on to me,
He is a major part of my existence,
A person of utmost magnificence,
My brother can confuse me,
But I have realized that is his way,
Unpredictable but sweet,
He is my brother,
My keeper,
My friend.


I walk the streets beside you,
Not in front nor behind,
You can protect me without hindering my power,
Your smile calls forth spring rains,
Your laughter makes the grass grow green,
I'm so glad I have you,
You're not below,
In front or behind,
You're right where I need you,
Just between me and the world.

Copyright © 2003 by Jacy Estep


Our eyes have dulled,
Not able to see the kindess of the sea.

Or ears have quieted,
Not able to hear the silence of nature.

Our touch has numbed,
Not able to feel the wind's breath go by.

Our deeper senses have ceased,
No longer noticing the world.

You Don't Know Me

Though you think you know me,
You don't,
Though you thought you understood,
You didn't,
If I never let you know me,
You won't,
Not until you understand who I am,
You haven't,
Not yet.

Copyright © 2003 by Jacy Estep

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