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The Poetry of Glenda Ewing

Poetry Locomotion
By Glenda Ewing

Though we haven't known each other
But for a short time
From the moment since we first looked
Your eyes found their way to mine
The poetic connection bolted like volcanic
Lava on molten land
Warm and Cool
Rolling simultaneously across the sand
When you read and continued to flow
As you sat on the café stage
I listened intently as I pondered about
How our introduction would go
You continued to work, looking around
Recognizing all that had come to listen
Each time you looked up, you cast your
Eyes in my direction
There were words spoken without being said
The poetic vibes between us were quickly noticed
By others
The poetry locomotion was jumping tracks in
Our heads
"Our becoming associates and friends is a train
Ride to an infinite destination"
The meeting of our minds each time we've
Your warm brown limpid pools sensed the mirrors
To my Poetic Soul
Your kind smiles and gentle nods nudged away the
Chill of the wind that had begun to make me cold
You left the stage with the anticipation of what
I had to tell you
We immediately collaborated thoughts and ideas
Chatting as if we'd known one another for a
couple of years
We parted as kindred spirits
Both ecstatic from our meeting
We're still elated-even now
Because this story started out as
A 'greeting'

Copyright 2003 Glenda Ewing

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