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Spring Canyon by Jennie Tennant

The author was born in Laramie, Wyoming, one of seven children. Her parents had emigrated from Norway in 1905. This book is the story of her childhood in a small farming community, a story filled with vivid portraits of colorful characters---both human and animal.

Spring Canyon is a warm tale of a time of rich harvests and cruel reapings, of plenty and of want, and of many dear lives remembered and immortalized in this book.

250 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Paperback,
ISBN # 0-9613901-2-3. $12.00

Note: Spring Canyon, in both original manuscript and printed book form, is in the Jennie Williams Tennant Collection at the American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming, Laramie WY.

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Under the Bed in San Berdoo
by Jennie Tennant---The sequel to Spring Canyon.

When Jennie fell in love with Jim, and left home in Wyoming to marry him in California, she also embarked on an adventurous life of travel throughout the United States during the depression, while Jim worked for a company which decorated towns for rodeos, festivals, and state and national celebrations. Runaway trucks, flash floods, cricket plagues, an escaped maniac, a doomed schoolbus, and a shoot-out between bootleggers in a San Bernardino motel were only some of the adventures they encountered. 112 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Paperback. $10.00

Their Brother John and Other Stories
by Jennie Tennant

The Tree Killer, A Dog Named Red, The Little Duck, Their Brother John... These are some of the unforgettable people and animals in this collection of short stories. The stories range from lighthearted to poignant to tragic, but all are as real as life itself, seen through the eyes of a compassionate and insightful storyteller.

150 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Paperback, $12.00

Hazard cover


Hazard of the Die
by Grace Wilson--A collection of poetry.


A million stars pin midnight to the sky,
And yet we feel its velvet on the cheek.
Or could it be an indrawn breath, a sigh
A murmur in the darkness, loath to speak?
A mist of gentle raindrops webs a dawn
Upon whose spangled stage all life seems young.
Or are they tears for dreams too quickly gone,
A taste of bittersweet upon the tongue?
Gold drifts of poppies spill into the wind
A pungence weaving secrets of its own,
As though neither raindrops, nor midnights pinned,
Nor tidy stars could do the job alone,
Each pollinating each along the years
Evoking smiles that often shine with tears.

110 Pages

Snow Wolf
by Roberta Debono--A horror novel.

The New Age has a dark side as old as evil itself. Its name is Morgan Russell, channeler, psychic, and prophet whose power is growing like a snow crystal. Only Sara can stop her... if she can survive, and resist the temptation to join an Inner Circle of unholy love and savage power...a Circle which has already claimed the body and soul of the man she loves.


244 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Paperback,
ISBN 0-9613901-0-7, $6.95
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Sphinx cover
by Robyn Berkeley--An Afrocentric tale


Sphinx takes its characters and the reader on a whirlwind tour of history as it was, and as it might be, if a ruthless and brilliant man went back in time and shaped reality to suit himself. The players in this fantasy include Darrel, the successful young Black lawyer, Shanae, his African-American supermodel fiancee, Bill, the good old boy who goes from wino to politico to human sacrifice on the wheel of time, Heather, the icy blonde prosecuting attorney, whose penchant for domination finds a vent in the New Reality of Los Angeles 2000, where slavery has made a comeback in a big way, and Antoine, the fierce Creole aristocrat, who steals an alien artifact of great power, and uses it to fulfill his lust for control, for wealth, and most of all, for Shanae.

50 page novella by Robyn Berkeley. Cover by Navarro Ristagno. ISBN 096-1390-166, $8.95
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Song for Walking
by Roberta Tennant Debono--A collection of poems reprinted in several anthologies.


In the snow-night the great wolf ran
Shoulders, haunches heaved from side to side,
as head down, he crossed the ice.
Blue shadowed hills, black branches, and the wolf
stood in the wind.
Ice formed on his fur and hung in glass drops.
Every flake was hard lace, cold, bright diamond lace,
that shimmered on his furry shoulders.
The white snow-wolf did not look up.
He stood, stiff-legged, silent,
eyes gleaming silver past the falling snow,
hushed breeze, and frozen air.


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